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Seafarers like you perform a vital service to people all over the world, helping to move important cargoes from one port to the other, complying with many different regulations and facing daily risks, from poorly maintained ships and maritime terrorism to life-threatening illness and extreme weather.

Life as a seafarer can be lonely. So who can you talk to about your worries and concerns? Maybe you’re feeling stressed or isolated and you need to talk to some who will understand? Perhaps you want to share your Christian faith with another, or simply find out more about what the Bible teaches?

The heightened security at many ports means it’s often not possible for you to disembark for a few hours’ relaxation. That is why our SCFS Friends make every effort to visit as many ships as possible when they come into port. You will find someone with whom you can pray, share your concerns and join in fellowship. You will have a listening ear from someone who truly cares and understands. You will probably also get some gifts of clothing and toiletries that make your time on board ship more bearable. You will also get help to access to Wi-Fi and the internet so that you can contact your family and friends at home.

But above all, you’ll have a friend to remind you that Jesus loves you, no matter where you are in the world.

The Seamen's Christian Friend Society has been bringing the Gospel Message of Christian love to seafarers like you for over 170 years.

A great recourse for Seafares is the:

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