Port Contact: Rev Alexander Eberson
Email: alexander.eberson@scfs.org
Tele: + 31 62 878 0103
Country: Netherlands (NL) | Belgium (BE)

Ports cover both Netherlands and Belgium

Seamen Christian Friend Society Terneuzen-Ghent
My name is Alexander Eberson. I am a port chaplain since 2011. At a very early age the Lord called me to be a missionar. I could serve the Lord as a pastor in three parishes. But now I serve my Master in the port Terneuzen-Ghent.
The seafarers I meet are from all parts of the world. I find it wonderful and powerful that the Lord uses me to visit seafarers on the ships with Bibles and other christian literature. Beside fishing up people in His name I also encourage christian brothers and sisters in their christian faith. For my seafarers I want to be a christian friend who is there to help them in word and deeds. I am grateful that I can serve the Lord in doing shipvisits to seafarers who live and work far away from their loved ones.
Of course I can not do this on my own in the background my wife is also helping me. And beside her help there are also a lot of other christian friends who love seafarers and the gospel.

How I serve my seafarers
I serve seafarers in their faith through listening, to talking, through bible study and friendship. I look after them when they have to stay in a local hospital. I help to make contact possible with their families. If my friends need to send money home I make this possible. To christians I offer the possiblity to visit a church. In the winter I give away knitted hats, scarves and Christmas presents with gospel tracts.

My desire
To share the gospel of our Saviour Lord Jesus especially to those 'who go down to the sea in ships' (Psalm 107: 23).
To distribute Bibles and other christian literature to seafarers of all nations.
To provide christian counsel and charity to the needy.

But above all, I want to be a friend to remind seafarers that Jesus loves seafarers, no matter where they are in the world.

So if you know a seafarer who has to be in my port and you know he needs someone to talk and pray with, then feel free to give him or her my contact details and I will do my best to visit your friend.

God Bless and thank you for visiting this page.


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