Australian Ports

Port Contact: Rob Flinders
Tele: + 61 (0)408 162 550
Country: Australia (AU)
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SCFS Representatives visit seafarers onboard their ships while they are in port with two main aims.

Firstly, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to non-Christian seafarers onboard their ships while they are in port, through the provision of English & Foreign languages Bibles and Bible Study courses.

Secondly, to provide fellowship, encouragement and resources to Christian seafarers so that they too might proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to non-Christian seafarers onboard their ships, specifically by leading onboard Bible Studies.

While SCFS representatives are primarily concerned with the spiritual welfare of seafarers, they will nonetheless endeavour to ensure the social and emotional needs are also meet, as and when they become aware of such needs.

Information about the the Bible courses offered to seafarers is contained in a tri-fold brochure produced by SCFS Australia entitled, 'Bible Courses for Seafarers'

SCFS are represented in the following key ports in Australia.

Botany (New South Wales)

Port Chaplain: Rob Flinders

As the largest container port in New South Wales and Australia's largest common user bulk liquids facility, Port Botany operates 24/7 to import goods to support the people and businesses of New South Wales and to export goods to international customers.

Adelaide (South Australia)

Port Chaplain: Russell Elston

T: + 61 (0) 434 428 682

As the main maritime gateway for South Australia, Port Adelaide handles a diverse range of inbound and outbound cargoes

Kembla (New South Wales)

Port Chaplains: David Bosanquet, John Krishna and Mike Giles

Port Kembla is an international trade gateway for agricultural, construction and mining industries. It is New South Wales' largest motor vehicle import hub and home to the state's largest grain export terminal and second largest coal export port.

Gladstone (Queensland)

Port Chaplain: Daryl Crabtree

The Port of Gladstone is one of Australia's finest natural deepwater harbours and Queensland's largest multi-commodity port, handling over 30 different products.
Major cargoes include coal, bauxite, alumina, aluminium, cement and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The port has a total throughput of more than 100 million tonnes per annum.

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