Port Contact: Felix Henrichs
Mobile: +31 61 607 7868
Country: Netherlands (NL)
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Welcome to the SCFS team in Rotterdam

We represent the Seamen’s Christian Friend Society in the port of Rotterdam, which is Europe’s largest sea port. Thankfully we don’t have to cover this huge and busy port all on our own as we call on the full time support of Felix Henrichs and René Reifel, as well as our volunteers, Wout de Vries, Johan Egas and Michiel Kramers.

What we do
Our priority is to nurture the spiritual health of the seamen who come into Rotterdam. We bring the good news to over 100 different nations and testify about our life with God. We also give away bibles and study guides, CDs and DVDs plus leaflets and books. We have a listening ear for this isolated group of people, we give advice and challenge them to think about their lives. Some of the seamen we meet have already begun their journey with Jesus, so we encourage and help them to continue and, when we can, we offer to conduct bible studies on board their vessels.

How we help
Many seamen are unable to leave their vessel while in port so we try to help them in many practical ways, such as making telephone cards available in order that they can contact their families. We hand out bibles, tracts (mostly from Living Waters), and bible study courses (the Bridge, Grace for the Weak from Volker Lamaack) and we also introduced Emmaus courses. We also distribute books by Martin Otto and other writers. We also help them to send money home to their families. When sailors are able to leave ship, we provide them with free transportation to the beach, a town, shop, church or to the seafarers’ centre in the area.

Gifts for Christmas
Christmas is an important time in our calendar and from November to December, we bring more than 1000 Christmas gifts to seamen who are unable to go home for Christmas. Many of the parcels come from our friends in Germany and the Netherlands, other are packed by us and contain items such as sweets, USB-sticks with the Gospel, toilet articles and warm woollen bonnets.

Other SCFS Ports Contacts
Name: René Reifel
Mobile: +31 65 775 6009

Useful information
International seafarers centre, The Bridge in Oostvoorne (secular) Cultureel centrum De Man
Burgemeester Letteweg 30
3233 AG Oostvoorne
Pickup: +31632274725

Flying angel in Schiedam International Seafarers' Centre "The Flying Angel"
Admiraal Trompstraat 1
Haven 562
3115 HK Schiedam
Telephone : Centre (for pick-ups): +31 10 426 0933 or +31 6 4713 9014

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