Port Contact: Martin Otto & Volker Lamaack
Tele: +49 17 9399 4456
Country: Germany (DE)
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Martin Otto

We try to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the sailors. This includes to help them to get Telephone cards in order to get in touch with loved ones at home. During the cold season they are glad to receive woolly hats, scarfs, socks and gloves. We are grateful that elderly ladies from churches provide many hundreds of them every year.

Besides this we offer spiritual help, pastoral care and prayer. We have the Bible, Bible-study-correspondence-courses, books, tracts and Christian DVDs available in many languages. Sometimes we are invited to conduct a church service on board. Our goal is to respond to the individual needs of the seamen. We invite them on occasion to our house because they enjoy the atmosphere of a private home and a personal conversation.

In our eyes it is important to keep in touch with them via the social media, when their ships have left our port. If they desire, we inform our colleagues in other port and in their home countries in order to follow them up.

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