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Members of Port Authorities round the world play a vital role in helping the Seamen’s Christian Friend Society to bring its message of Christian love and support to seafarers berthed in many ports globally.

We are deeply grateful for the support we receive from Port Authorities round the world. But with heightened port security and quick turnaround times, seafarers nowadays have little if any time to disembark and relax, let alone attend to their spiritual welfare. So their ship becomes like a prison and they are its captive inmates.

Given these conditions, an onboard visit by a SCFS Chaplain can provide an enormous psychological boost of fellowship and companionship to crew members who wish to embrace it. And many do. A visit provides opportunities for prayer and bible study, even by those who may not consider themselves fully Christian. It creates a safe environment in which fears and concerns can be shared and dispelled. It brings many practical gifts to the crew, such as warm clothing and toiletries. And often the Chaplain will help crew members to access Wi-Fi and the internet so that they can contact their family and friends at home. This contact is vitally important in maintaining their peace of mind and emotional well being.

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to members of staff of the Port Authorities in which we operate for continuing to enable us ease of access to the vessels in your ports so that we can carry our message to those onboard.

The Seamen's Christian Friend Society has been bringing the Gospel Message of Christian love to seafarers for over 170 years.