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Our Patron, Her Majesty The Queen

Members of the Royal Family have links with hundreds of charities, military associations, professional bodies and public service organisations. Here at the Seamen's Christian Friend Society, we are deeply honoured to have Her Majesty The Queen as our Royal patron.

Those involved with the Seamen's Christian Friend Society work in a very discrete field of charitable endeavour. Together we carry the Christian message of unconditional love and support to thousands of seamen of all nationalities, who toil across all of the world's oceans. So it is with a profound sense of pride and gratitude that we acknowledge Her Majesty as the figurehead for our organisation.

Moreover, we are enormously grateful for all that Her Majesty's support does for our charity in terms of public exposure. While we have many loyal supporters across the globe, we benefit greatly from the oxygen of publicity that Her patronage generates and the subsequent financial, practical and moral support we accrue.

The Seamen's Christian Friend Society is financed by voluntary donations and we thank God that He has provided for us in this way for 170 years.

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