Completing the circle

A deeper understand of His word

Isn’t it interesting that the first missionaries to be chosen by Jesus were seafarers? His disciples were fishermen who made their living on the water and it was they who were charged with the task of spreading His word. One of our core founders, Bo'sun Smith, was a man of the sea, so in every sense it is right that as SCFS missionaries, we should carry His Message back to today’s seafarers.

Nowadays, commercial vessels have neither a physical church nor a church community on board. This means it can be difficult for seafarers to maintain their faith, especially if it is new-found. Nor is it easy to nurture one’s relationship with Christ, just by praying alone, reading Christian literature or listening to faith-based CDs.

It is for this reason that Bible study onboard each ship in port is so important. Studying God’s Word helps to foster a genuine and lasting Faith in Christ because His Living Word works changes in people through the Holy Spirit.