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Such excellent work

To all of our chaplains in ports across the world, we thank you for the vital work you do in delivering the message of Christ and bringing welfare support to seafarers at the front line. Your work is greatly needed and much appreciated.

As you can see, we have upgraded and improved our web presence and we would urge you to use this interactive platform and help us to keep it lively, engaging and current. Its purpose is two-fold:

  • we want to present a more modern, vibrant and relevant web presence to the seafaring community which we serve
  • we want to nurture and nourish our own community with SCFS by talking, sharing and supporting each other

So... send us your news stories. Tell us about your experiences with the seafarers you have met. Relate the challenges you face in bringing the Word of Christ to seamen who visit your port. What ideas, thoughts or insights can you share with your fellow chaplains around the world?

Let’s keep it legal
Under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we must keep everyone’s personal data safe by having secure processes in place for handling and storing personal information. Broadly speaking, personal data means a piece of information that can be used to identify a person. This means, for example, that if we are posting someone’s photograph, we need as a minimum their verbal consent. For a guide to GDPR, refer to:

We would love to hear from you. And we’re certain your fellow chaplains would love this too. Contact us at:
Seamen's Christian Friend Society
Unit Ch 18
Inspire Business Park
16 Carrowreagh Road
Belfast BT16 1QT
Northern Ireland

Tel: + 44 (0)28 9521 7770
E: headquarters@scfs.org