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We're here to help you and your crew

The Seamen’s Christian Friend Society has been bringing support to seafarers for over 170 years. Our role is to bring Christian fellowship to all on your vessel who want to receive it, and our friendship and practical, caring support extends to everyone on board.

We know that seafaring is one of the most physically demanding professions, operating in one of the most dangerous work environments: the sea. Away from home for months on end, unable to see family and with limited access to internet communications, life can be emotionally tough on a vessel. And with language barriers between crew members, feelings of loneliness and isolation may start to creep in.

Our SCFS Chaplains visit as many ships as possible when they come into port. These few precious hours can provide a vital spiritual and emotional uplift for those onboard who wish to share the Christian message, or who need a caring, compassionate friend with whom to share their worries and concerns. While our focus is on carrying the Gospel Message, our hand of friendship is open to all ranks, creeds, races and ethnicities. It is truly wondrous how often our visit will calm emotions and restore harmony among those on board.

Our Chaplains bring practical help too, such as gifts of warm clothes or toiletries. Most importantly, they will also help your crew members to access Wi-Fi and the internet so that they can contact their family and friends at home. This contact is vitally important in maintaining their peace of mind and emotional well being.

We also look forward to meeting you and your officers too.

The Seamen's Christian Friend Society has been bringing the Gospel Message of Christian love to seafarers like you for over 170 years.