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Today well over a million men and women live in the twilight world of big shipping. It's a lonely life. They roam the world's oceans for up to 12 months at a time. They come from more than 100 different nations and speak dozens of languages.

We care enough to visit them. Our team of SCFS Friends based in 40 ports around the world spend their days boarding ship after ship. An SCFS Friend brings a welcome, an offer of friendship or a chance for a sympathetic talk and news of the Christian gospel.

Seaman info

You might feel there is nobody you can can talk to about how you feel; Worries about personal problems on board or at home. We are here to help, lend an ear and offer support.

Missionary info

A christian organisation first and foremost we offer support to seafarers throughout the world and are always looking for new, enthusiastic and like-minded people to join us and help seafarers and spread the word of God people to help spread the word of God.

Captain info

Being at sea for prolonged periods is a lonely place, and can be especially for a Captain. Our team offer consul, a sympathetic ear and good listener as well as access to a host or resources to help and support.

Supporters info

We rely on the Christian spirit of giving, whether that be of time or resources to deliver the service we offer to those in need. Can you help us in any way? See how here...

Port Authority info

Where is your next port of call? Do you need to find out more information on that port or our services in it?

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