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anon.jpgI was born in St. Lucia. I am married to Thereas, and we have four children – Darius, Andre, Nicolas & Noah.

I was brought up in a Catholic family believing in God. By the age of 15 I left school and went to sea, I worked as a deck boy on a fruit ship been the youngest crew on board, I began drinking, smoking and going after prostitues sinking deeper in sin. One Sunday morning June 1975 in Cork, Eire a Port chaplain visited the ship and invited me to Church, I went to church and heard the preaching but I did not respond, after Church he took me to his house for tea, he opened his bible and read John 3:16 Explaining the verse to me I received Christ into my life as my saviour. About a year or two after my conversion I felt the call of God to christian service, I left the ship and got involved with a local church and then the Lord called me into ministery to seafarers, I began visiting ships distributing tracts, booklets and witnessing to the crew. Later I was introduced to SCFS and became an associate worker with them.

I work in the caribbean Island of St. Lucia. St. Lucia is just 14 miles wide by 27 miles long, and has two sea Ports. Port Castries on the northwestern side of the island is the main port and is located within the heart of the capital city of Castries. It is essentially a multi purpose port that provides facilities and services for both passengers and cargo. The port of castries has won numerous awards for efficiency the most recent being the Caribbean shipping Association award for the most efficent port for the year 2000. The port of Vieux-Fort at the southern tip of the island is the second largest port and caters for the needs of transshipment of container operators.

I experienced the mighty Power of God to open closed door for his servents to enter onboard a cruise ship to deliver his message to seafarers. Before I left my home that day I prayed and asked God to open the door and that I may enter on board the cruise ship (Sun Bird). Dressed in my SCFS uniform I arrived at the gangway showed the ship security my I.D and sought permission to enter. I was referred to the staff captain who responded by saying it is not allowed but you will be an exception. Gen.18:14 is any thing too hard for the Lord? I entered and delivered many booklets in Tagalog, Indonesian and other languages. On board I met Sam Tacdoro a Christian he loves the Lord and needs much prayer. I also spoke to Romeo who said that he visited the SCFS center and have met Vic Atanacio. Thank God for blessings like these. It si so amazing to see God working on behalf of his servants opening closed doors to allow his servants to enter in to do his bidding, thank God for the power of prayer.

Prayer request. Is there a seaman's Centre in St. Lucia? I have been asked this question on all the ships that I visit, I feel that the Lord want me to start a seaman's Centre in St. Lucia, please pray for God's guidance in this regard.

John Honore

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