Port Botany & Sydney

Rob Flinders [rob.flinders@scfs.org]

Rob FlindersRob is married to Greta. Rob has been associated with seafarers, ships and the sea for almost 50 years.

1957 Rob made his first voyage to sea as a cadet onboard a cargo ship sailing from London to China. Rob was a seafarer for 13 years in various ranks. He never managed to cross the Pacific or Atlantic and he never conquered seasickness!

1971 Rob immigrated to Australia. For the next 20 years he taught professional mariners at Sydney Technical College.

1974 Rob became a Christian. During the late 70's and early 80's a godly man from The Navigators taught Rob how to be a disciple, how to make disciples and how to develop disciple-makers.

1997 Rob retired from teaching seafarers to take up a position as manager of a Seafarers Centre in Port Hedland in NW Australia 2000 Rob was invited by SCFS to establish evangelical ministry to seafarers in Sydney, Australia.

Rob enjoys country music and books written by JC Ryle. He gets excited whenever England beats Australia at sport! He doesn't get excited very often.

Rob ministers at Port Botany Port Botany that is located in the south-eastern suburbs of Sydney, 15 kilometres south of Sydney Harbour. Port Botany is a container and bulk liquids port situated on the eastern shore of Botany Bay, the sight of Captain Cook's first landing in Australia.

Sydney, New South Wales has twin ports – Sydney Harbour and Port Botany. 70 percent of all trade in New South Wales passes through Port Botany. Commercial shipping activity in Sydney harbour is progressively being diverted to Port Botany.

Many of the container ships that visit Port Botany operate on regular and predictable schedules. As a consequence, during a 10-month contract, some seafarers might see Rob every four weeks, others every 8 weeks and some every 12 weeks. The regularity of these visits enables Rob to develop ongoing relationships with some of these seafarers and to help them grow in their understanding about, and commitment to, Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

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