Theo and Yvonne van Zuilekom []

netherlands1.jpgWe feel that we should not just tell about ourselves, but rather to mention the whole ministry in the various ports of Holland, where portmissionaries are responsible for the work.

Most of us do have a secular job, and are visiting ships in our "spare" time. The mission has its starting point in 1974 in Amsterdam Port.

From the very beginning we prayed for new workers in different ports of the Netherlands. The Lord added couples to our team during the early years of the mission: Workers were applying from Eemshaven (the most Northern Port) up till Terneuzen one of the Southern Ports of our Country.

Today Het Havenlicht is involved in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vlaardingen, Botlek, Europoort, Dordrecht, Moerdijk, Vlissingen, Harlingen, Eemshaven and Delfzijl, but also occasionaly in: IJmuiden, Velsen and Beverwijk. At the moment there is a very dedicated and motivated team of portmissionaries in the various Ports at work. We praise the Lord for them!

But even today we are still praying for more dedicated workers. Because there are 28 Ports in The Netherlands and "we" are short of workers, to be enable to cover every Port!

On our website you will find a simple map of the Country with the particular Ports and more up-to-date information about the mission.

In fact, Holland used to be a "Sailing Nation" for centuries, and that's why there are still a few very "old fashion looking" Seaports, although the modernisation could not be left behind. One of the most famous and beautiful old harbours is Harlingen, the Port of Friesland. In this province of Holland (The Netherlands) the local people there, still speak, even today, their own unique language: Fries.

We are sorry that we don't have a picture of all the workers together, so for now you have to do it with a picture of us (Theo and Yvonne). But in due time in future, hopefully there will be one!

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