Martin Otto []

Hamburg My wife Monika and myself have been serving seafarers in the busy port of Hamburg for the last 24 years. We both enjoy having seafarers in our home or spending time with them on their ship. Even our children Samira (20) and Jennifer (22) have enjoyed the fellowship with many seafarers from so many different countries. It is always great fun when we talk about the differences of the cultures. We enjoy to share our life with them and the seafarers share how they live at home and what really matters in their lives.

Almost all of the seafarers, however, enjoy when we pray for them. They enjoy when we have a Bible study in our home. This is something many seafarers miss on their ships. By praying for the seafarers and their family many feel that we care for them. By the way, we want to care for the whole life of the seafarers. The physical, emotional and spiritual. By doing so we believe we follow the example of our Lord Jesus.

Volker Lamaack []

Volker Lamaack and familyGod called me in January 1991 to be a full-time Port Missionary in the harbour of Hamburg, Germany. I didn't regret this for one single day!

The Lord gave my wife, Doris, and me three children: Rebekka, Timon and Micha.

The life of seafarers is very difficult. As well as missing their families for many months they also have few opportunities to attend Christian fellowships. Both, believers and people who are interested in spiritual things lack counselling and good Bible based teaching. Certainly I take many opportunities to share the word of God on board. However, the time available to seamen is limited. Many ships stay in the ports for just a short time and most seafarers are very busy. That´s why it is very important to offer them material, which helps them to study when they are alone on the open sea.

The Bridge and Grace for the WeakBible study correspondence courses are a helpful tool to teach seamen. I wrote a gospel course 'THE BRIDGE' which is now available in 24 languages and a course for believers 'GRACE FOR THE WEAK' – available in 6 languages.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to receive a disc with all translations (.pdf files). You may use it to print your own master copies.

The Only BridgeWe also encourage believers to start Bible groups on board. For them I wrote a study book, including leaders guide – THE ONLY BRIDGE.

It is available in English, Tagalog and German language.

With this material believers are able to teach their companions, even if they don´t have much experience yet.

Please contact me if you would like to get a copy.

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