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John BurleighWelcome to the Greenock page of the SCFS website.

Having been granted permission to enter the port's secure area a few years ago now I have enjoyed visiting a number of container vessels that come in weekly to the Greenock Ocean Terminal. Over the year there has been a change of ships due to the economic situation worldwide but things are starting to pick up. You get used to seeing the ships week in week out but then there is a change and a new ship arrives with new crew. It is hard to accept the change once you have built up the relationship with the crew only to see them vanish but this is offset by new faces and new opportunities.

A few ships were laid up for a few months last year and some of the crews came to our Mission regularly (Barnard's Court Mission in Greenock) and enjoyed fellowship.

John BurleighLast year, the captain of one particular ship invited my wife, Heather, and me for Christmas dinner which was memorable and I arranged for them to worship at the Christmas midnight service at Glasgow Cathedral. The crew found this memorable too. From this a lasting friendship has developed, even though the captain has now retired.

Since my retirement from teaching and commencing voluntary port chaplaincy with SCFS we are in the process of moving house which is opposite the container terminal in a very strategic location and we can see the ships coming in. Unfortunately the house required a lot of renovation which has taken a lot of our time, energy and finance but is near completion.

Our Mission runs an SCFS weekend every year in November which gives me the opportunity to share more about my visits and encounters and also spread God's message. We are reminded in James 4 v 15 ‘if it is the Lord's will we will live and do this or that'. It is nice to have dreams and visions but it is even better that the Lord's will be done.

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