Rev Jaeguen Bae [dublin@scfs.org]

DublinDear friends,

Kathy and I began work here as the Dublin Port Chaplains at the beginning of February 2012. We have a desire to see the churches growing on the oceans and to see sailor fellowships strengthened. A good thing is that ships visit Dublin port regularly.

It is important to offer social and practical help to seafarers. We also desire to help them spiritually and to help them to know about God's love and grace. We have already started Bible studies with some seamen on board once a week. We encourage them to share God's Word with other seamen on board and to have fellowships to build a church at sea. In the past many Irish missionaries went to other countries as a missionary. These days the world is coming to us and I am excited about this new mission field.

As the world comes to our shores every day we long to see the number of churches on the oceans grow. But we cannot do this alone! We need a team of helpers who will stand behind us prayerfully and practically in various ways. As the Lord has promised in Matthew 18:20, “Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Will you ‘come together' with us as we start on this new venture for the Kingdom?

Thank you for praying for us,


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