Guus and Annemiek Peters []

antwerp1.jpgWe are Guus and Annemiek Peters, and we have 5 children, three girls and two boys.

Guus has visited the seamen in the ports of Terneuzen and Ghent since 1992. In conversation he tries to reach the seamen with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This happens through listening to what the seamen have to tell. Guus wants to show them that first and foremost he is their friend. The conversations are often about homesickness, loneliness, their relatives, fear and religion.

International contacts

On board a ship with a crew from the Philippines I met the messboy, Marvin. He told me that the chief-engineer was a Christian and that he testified of Jesus Christ. In Paranagua (Brazil) he met my colleague Luis Lucas and because Luis gave the same testimony as the chief-engineer did, Marvin repented and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Proudly he showed me the bible, that Luis gave to him.

antwerp2.jpgLater on I met this chief-engineer, Marionilo. I told him, that I was happy, that he testified of Jesus Christ. I showed him 'the Bridge' and told him, that 'the Bridge' is a correspondence course, especially designed for the seamen by one of my colleagues in Hamburg, Volker Lamaack. Marionilo immediately shouted: "I will never forget this guy and his wife Doris, because they, and Martin Otto, led me in their home to the Lord."

I was able to give him 2 'Bridges'. He can use this course to make a disciple of Marvin. It is great to see, how the Lord is working and that the seed of the Gospel is bearing fruit.

Home front

A lot of seamen are visiting our home. I (Annemiek) really enjoy receiving them. Lately 4 Filipinos visited us. They used our phone to call home. One of them told me he was so happy to be with us: "It feels like being home again".

It pleased him to be in a family. And this is exactly what makes me happy.

antwerp3.jpgAnother surprise came from a captain from India. Guus took him home, where we had a nice conversation. And then he invited us to have dinner on board his ship. Indian curry, I really like this. We had a delicious meal and you know what? You often have the best conversations while eating. We really had a great evening.

Lots of love and God's Rich Blessings

Guus and Annemiek

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