Statement of belief

  1. God is Trinity; Father, Son and Spirit united in the one eternal and sovereign Godhead
  2. The world is God's good creation, and mankind was originally made in the image of God
  3. All mankind is sinful and guilty before God
  4. Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God born of the virgin Mary
  5. Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, is the only Saviour and Lord of sinful men and women
  6. In Jesus Christ alone do God's people receive by faith the gifts of his salvation
  7. The Holy Spirit accomplishes the work of the Trinity in the Church and the world
  8. The Church is the people of God, united with Christ in the Spirit through faith and baptism
  9. Jesus Christ will reappear in power and glory to bring to fulfilment God's purposes of salvation and judgement
  10. The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is entirely trustworthy

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