Welcome to Seafarers

For all those at sea, or at home with loved ones at sea:-

  • You might feel there is nobody you can talk to about how you feel
  • You might be deeply worried about personal problems on board, or at home
  • You may or not be a Christian, but you want to understand what the Bible teaches

Extracts from sailors' letters:-

  • "I was so pleased to receive your letter and booklet of friends in ports …"
  • "Your letter about the Asian Tsunami helped me understand …."
  • "I read all the teaching with my new Bible several times to help me teach my wife …"
  • "I am so glad to know your friends are praying for me and my wife in our situation …"
  • "Thank you for the Bible study course… here are my answers …"

Extracts from the wives of seamen:-

  • "I am a housewife married 7 years and we have 3 children. Please pray my husband…"
  • "I really thank you for your responding, to my request for the same Bible study my husband did …"


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