Dear Friends and Supporters

Greetings in the Saviours name.

Our saddest time this year has been the death in February of our Port Chaplain for Dundee Mr George McAllister, George who was 79, had been the Port Chaplain for many years and though he had retired from the Society he had continued to visit the ships as a volunteer. George died in a car crash on his way to the docks, the accident was not his fault; George was a lovely man, as all that knew him would testify, faithful to his Saviour and an example to us all. George as well as visiting the ships was involved with a number of other outreaches from the church he attended. His wife Jennifer graciously asked us to pray for the lady van driver who was involved in the collision and was seriously injured.
Jennifer is being supported by her family, friends and church. As those of you who have been through bereavement know this is a very difficult time for those left behind so please continue to pray for Jennifer and the family, the consolation is ‘absent from the body and present with the Lord’. We continue to thank God for our Port Missionaries, associated workers and their families here at home and around the world for their dedicated, and often sacrificial, work for the Lord.

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