Can I get you a CD player?

Sam had recently been struck by how much of the ministry of SCFS not only in Belfast but by all our staff is not to the multitudes, or to whole crews, but to the individual seafarer. Some like Ian, from the Philippines that he meet firstly in the year 2000 and on and off over the years, who is very appreciative of the ministry of SCFS in the ports.

Ian was appreciative of Sam's concern for him to hear services through CD's, his only problem was that he didn't have a CD player in his cabin. Sam was able to supply Ian with a micro hi-fi system and for the rest of the crew two bicycles, clothing and toiletries.

This act of kindness really spoke to the 2nd Officer who was from the Ukraine, as he couldn't believe that all that they had received was a gift from Christians in Belfast to show them how much God loves them.

Sam Cowan, Belfast

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